Having a blog is one of those things that I’ve always been told I should be doing, but I never could see myself actually making it happen. Now I’m committed to actually doing it, but before I get deep into this new venture I think it’s helpful to ask myself what I’m actually doing this for. Seriously, what do I hope to get out of this? I decided to post my reasons to hopefully inspire others that may be trying to figure out if they should start a blog and convince them that it’s something they should stop considering and take action! So here are, in no particular order, 4 reasons I’m starting a blog on web development. Maybe they’re the reasons you should start too.

1. FocusedĀ Learning

Lately, I have made it a daily habit of learning something new each day. I try to always keep around 3 books on various topics that I can pick up. I’m watching videos daily on YouTube about something related to development such as test driven developments, design patterns, new features in Rails, etc. And I try to code up about half a tutorial a day on something new. This has all been great and has allowed me to make all kinds of connections, but I know that I will only truly know something once I have to turn around and teach it. If I can understand a concept well enough to write a detailed post on it, chances are I’m going to retain it pretty well. I hope to post personal coding experience and pitfalls as well as reviews on some of the books I’ve been reading if nothing else then to cement those concepts in my mind.

2. Improve Writing Skills

“But I’m a programmer, why do I need to write?” I’ve heard this a lot, and I admit I am guilty of thinking this way myself. But I also know, I don’t make words no good. Seriously, especially when it comes to technical topics, I know I’m weak in this area. One way to make weak things become strong is just to confront it head on and do a lot of it. If I’m constantly writing for a pubic audience and trying my best, I can’t help improving, right? A developer that can clearly communicate, especially when it comes to technical topics, has much more opportunity than one that can just write code, but can’t talk or write about it. I don’t want to fall into that trap, and neither should you.

3. Increase Traffic

Yep, I’ll be honest. Chances are a lot higher that someone is going to find my site if it’s got more content than just my name. The more I write about, the more chances there are for people to find me when they’re googling a topic on web development. Furthermore, it’s my goal to be a successful developer for the web so that is what my posts will be centered on.

4. Giving Back

Like I said, I’ve received so much education from other people’s blogs and videos, all of it for free. I can’t help but get all this free education and feel like I owe something. This blog is my way of paying it forward and giving something back to the community that has done so much for me. Maybe someone starting out will stumble on something small I write about PKI and go on to build something great!

So there it is, internet. These are my reasons for wanting to start and hopefully more than a few of you out there feel this way too. For those of you (especially web developers) that are already somewhat experienced in blogging, what reasons did you have when you were starting out? Feel free to answer below, I would love to hear about it!


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